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Committed to enhancing education for children around the globe. Our team researches areas where educational injustice is hindering child development. We then create a plan of action that will eradicate the obstacles that are in the way of prosperity.

Why choose us?

When working with OLF, you will be making an impact by bringing chances of prosperity to underprivileged kids around the world. And you will have the opportunity to see your impact in person by joining us on our trips to our schools, while being engulfed into different cultures and adrenaline pumping adventures different countries have to offer. A truly once in a lifetime experience.


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Create something great. Our PASSPORT club gives our donors the opportunity to be the heart of our projects

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OLF builds schools in rural Kenya, South Africa, Rwanda, Guatemala, and is still expanding!

World famous


World famous

South Africa

World famous


"Incredible organization with an incredible mission. The happiness they bring to the kids they help is inspiring. Only love can change the world, and that's exactly what they are doing. Spreading love around the world."
Amy Johnson
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